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We're excited to announce an update about CCLC!

Every day you give us the opportunity to care for and educate the most important person in your life — your child. It’s an honor for us, and we love creating a warm and welcoming environment for your family. We’re here to support you and give your child the best possible start in life.

You’ve put your trust in us, and we take that seriously. That’s why we want you to know about an exciting change that’s taking place in our company. We’re bringing together KinderCare, the best known name in early childhood education, with our suite of family-focused benefits for organizations to offer to their employees, including Back-up Care, Child Care Select, and on-site and near-site early learning centers branded to the name of the employer. We’re calling this new brand KinderCare Education at Work.

What does this mean for you? Aside from seeing the KinderCare Learning Center brand around the center and online, not much. We'll continue to give your family the highest quality care and learning experiences. Your child’s teachers, the curriculum, and the people you and your child interact with on a daily basis will stay the same. In short, the love and learning in our center will remain unchanged.

We have an exciting future ahead and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this announcement.

If you are a current parent and have questions, feel free to continue the conversation with your center director. For other questions, please contact our Customer Care Specialists at 1-888-525-2780 or email care@kindercare.com

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"All of my son's teachers have been warm, supportive, friendly, and helpful. Whether it's coming home with an example of his artwork or with a story to tell. He always greets us enthusiastically and eager to tell us about his day at school."

Andrew Breen, Parent, University of Virginia Child Development Center
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"We just don't believe there is anyone out there who could provide a better program for our employees, or operate more efficiently from a financial perspective than CCLC."

Julie McGovern, Vice President of Administration & Human Resources, Chilton Hospital