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Making the Best Workplaces Better
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Making the best workplaces
better for families

Balance work and home life with the convenient, high-quality child care and education offered at your local CCLC center. Learn more

Adventures are meant to be shared
No adventure is complete without friends and at CCLC they're waiting to be made. Learn how to make back-to-school a happy adventure for the whole family!
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"All of my son's teachers have been warm, supportive, friendly, and helpful. Whether it's coming home with an example of his artwork or with a story to tell. He always greets us enthusiastically and eager to tell us about his day at school."

Andrew Breen, Parent, University of Virginia Child Development Center
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"We just don't believe there is anyone out there who could provide a better program for our employees, or operate more efficiently from a financial perspective than CCLC."

Julie McGovern, Vice President of Administration & Human Resources, Chilton Hospital